‚ÄčCOUNTERPLOTPlatform: 1 Hour DramaWritten by: Casey Stegman & Joseph FoulkCurrent Status: InactiveGenre: Political ThrillerInspiration: Sneakers, Die Hard "Counterplot" is a fun one hour serialized conspiracy thriller set against the backdrops of global counter intelligence, Capitol Hill politics and the high tech game in Silicon Valley. It behaves as if Moonlighting and Homeland had an illegitimate child. "After his former partner is mysteriously gunned down, ex-CIA agent (and, now, corporate security consultant) Grant Evans is sent a black-ops file on one-time bestselling novelist Faye Phoenix. Grant soon learns that Faye is being hunted by a shadowy group of mercenaries, and uncovers the shocking reason why: years ago, Faye consulted on a CIA project that recruited writers of all types to come up with creative terrorist attack scenarios and specific targets. This group is now trying to make Faye's fictional scenario a reality. Grant must do everything he can to save Faye and stop the conspiracy, which stretches high up into the upper echelons of government.